Member & Permit Entry Fees:

Stock Bustin: $30.00 per rodeo entered

All Timed Events: $30.00 per event per rodeo entered

JR/SR Bulls: $40.00 per event per rodeo entered

Exhibitions: JR/SR Bulls: $40.00  Stock Bustin: $10.00

All others $15.00

All Fees must be paid 30 min prior to Rodeo Start

or contestant will be fined (see rulebook).

PW/WR Performances:

WR Breakaway Roping

WR Steer Riding

Stock Bustin'

PW-WR Goat Doggin'

PW-WR Goat Tying

WR Boys Goat Tying

PW-WR Barrel Racing

PW-WR Pole Bending

All Ages as of November 1st, 2023

Pee Wee's: 6 & Under

Wrangler's: 7 to 10 yrs old

Junior's: 11 to 14 yrs old

Senior's: 15 to 18 yrs old

Rodeo Events Offered:


​​Important 2024 News/Info​

1) EVERYONE HAS TO CALL IN THROUGH THE NEW Google Docs system.  The links will be located on the "Schedule" page!  There will be no call-in’s accepted any other way!!!

Call-ins are subject to change! Check the website, Facebook, and newsletter for posts! 

Remember Members must have entered/exhibitioned in 7 rodeos per event you wish to qualify in for Finals. Must be 7 Entries or 7 Exhibitions...not a combination of the 2. 

No Non Member Exhibitions or Permits allowed at Finals.

Must compete in Min. of 4 Rodeos to qualify for YEAR END Awards in that event.  All Points won apply to All Around Standings.

JR/SR Performances:

JR-SR Barrel Racing
JR-SR Pole Bending

JR-SR Girls Breakaway Roping

​JR-SR Boys Breakaway Roping

JR-SR Chute Dogging

​Team Roping

JR-SR Bronc Riding

JR-SR Girls Goat Tying

JR Boys Goat Tying

Tie Down Calf Roping

Ribbon Roping

JR-SR Bull Riding