FYRA Proudly gives away over $45,000 in trophy awards and $65,000 in cash prize money.

Rodeo With Us...

Why FYRA need's your SSN...

Member & Permit Entry Fees:

Stock Bustin: $30.00 per rodeo entered

All Timed Events: $30.00 per event per rodeo entered

JR/SR Bulls: $40.00 per event per rode entered

Exhibitions: JR/SR Bulls: $40.00  Stock Busin: $10.00

All others $15.00

Non-member Exhibitions: JR/SR Bulls $40.00

All Other $25.00

All Fees must be paid 30 min prior to Rodeo Start

our will be fined (see rulebook).

2017 JR- SR Finals Qualifiers




Come to Cowboy Church

with us too with Pastor Jeff Dellinger of Three Nails Cowboy Church!

Short Services are held at most all rodeos on Saturdays at 5:00 pm  at the main arena!

Remember All Rodeos entered must be called in for! No entry allowed at the rodeo!

*Call-Ins are usually the Monday night prior to the weekends rodeo from 7 to 10 pm

JR/SR to #864-906-0698 or PW/WR to #864-430-2664.

Late Call ins are accepted on the following night from 7 to 10 pm to the appropriate call line!! Late fee of $10.00 per event entered will be applied!

Call ins are subject to change! Check the website, facebook, and newsletter for posts!