Rodeo With Us...

2017 JR- SR Finals Qualifiers

FYRA Proudly gives away over $45,000 in trophy awards and $65,000 in cash prize money.

Why FYRA need's your SSN...

Come to Cowboy Church

with us too with Pastor Jeff Dellinger of Three Nails Cowboy Church!

Short Services are held at most all rodeos on Saturdays at 5:00 pm  at the main arena!

Member & Permit Entry Fees:

Stock Bustin: $30.00 per rodeo entered

All Timed Events: $30.00 per event per rodeo entered

JR/SR Bulls: $40.00 per event per rode entered

Exhibitions: JR/SR Bulls: $40.00  Stock Busin: $10.00

All others $15.00

Non-member Exhibitions: JR/SR Bulls $40.00

All Other $25.00

All Fees must be paid 30 min prior to Rodeo Start

our will be fined (see rulebook).

Remember All Rodeos entered must be called in for! No entry allowed at the rodeo!

*Call-Ins are usually the Monday night prior to the weekends rodeo from 7 to 10 pm

JR/SR to #864-906-0698 or PW/WR to #864-430-2664.

Late Call ins are accepted on the following night from 7 to 10 pm to the appropriate call line!! Late fee of $10.00 per event entered will be applied!

Call ins are subject to change! Check the website, facebook, and newsletter for posts!